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all activities from 1972 till today


Joep Dorren


Utrecht University: Art history


Actor’s education: Faculté de Théâtre de Vincennes; with teachers of l’École Jacques Lecoq; with Carlo Boso of the Piccolo Teatro de Milano; with Augusto Boal (Théâtre de l’Opprimé); with Yves Lebreton; with actors of the Roy Hart Theatre


BGL en Partners: postgraduate continuing professional education Communication Trainer


Coach education with Dialogue B.V.

performance under my own management


Zeami (Pracht von Blüt) (Antoine Beuger)

Not I  (Samuel Beckett)

Tables (Antoine Beuger, Joep Dorren)

Godot Ist Gekommen (Gottfried Wanner)

The Light, The ShadeNew Poems and Dialogues (programmes with poems by Robert Lax)

Eh Joe (Samuel Beckett)

King Lear, Lear Lesen (texts by William Shakespeare)

I Used to Like This Place (performance)

Acrobat Off (programme with poems by Robert Lax)

One Island, One Stone, The Hill (programme with poems by Robert Lax)

Mizu Ni Sumu Hito (A Person Living at the Bottom of the Sea), Kitan (A seasons’ tale), Zeami (Pracht von Blüt)

Krapp’s Last Tape (Samuel Beckett)

Kitan (texts by samuel Beckett and Matsu Bashō)


Tours abroad in Germany, Italy and Japan.




Before and after my education, I perform as an actor in one or several seasons with many (music) theatre companies:


  • Rats in Utrecht (the Netherlands) – performances: Meisjes Toch (Volker Kühn, Robert Baars) and Spelen Is Geen Spelletje
  • Clowns Compagnìa in Perugia (Italy) – performance: Aye Aye Aye, Mon Cœur
  • Bande Lepic in Paris (France) – performance: La Rue Mouffetard
  • Bruvvers Theatre Company in Newcastle (England) – performances: The Forgotten Secret, Aladdin and Amusements
  • Zinc Théâtre in Paris/Béziers/Sète (France) – performances: Commedia, Shakespeare, Tabarin and Le Concile d’Amour (Oscar Panizza)
  • Wiedus in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) – performances: Twee Patat Met (Louis Lemaire), Ze Noemen Me Charlie (Louis Lemaire) and De Rode Bank (Louis Lemaire)
  • De Gebroeders Flint in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) – performances: Een Behaaglijke Tuin and Krakend Marmer
  • John van de Rest Theater Producties – performances: De Fantast (Herb Gardner) and De Humorist (John Osborne)
  • Theaterplatform Utrecht – performances: Rashomon (Akira Kurosawa, Fay and Michael Kanin) and Nijntje Gaat Logeren (Patricia Kuiper)
  • Amsteltoneel in Amsterdam – performance: Tussen Wal en Schip (Harrie Geelen)
  • Rats in Utrecht – performances: En Niemand Weet Dat Ik Besta - Kaspar Hauser (Patricia Kuiper) and Achter de Bergen Ligt de Zee - Leonce en Lena (Patricia Kuiper, Georg Büchner)
  • Hofplein Rotterdam – performances: Prijs de Beer (Guus Kuijer), Assepoester and Kruimeltje (Louis Lemaire), De Droom van Mozart (Mozart, Bruun Kuijt), Povje (Bruun Kuijt), De Eikelvreters (Els Pelgrom, Bruun Kuijt), Turandot (Puccini, Justus van Oei, Bruun Kuijt), Aïda (Verdi, Carla van Driel), Romeo en Julia (Shakespeare, Carla van Driel, Bruun Kuijt), Macbeth (Verdi, Bruun Kuijt), Don Giovanni (Mozart, Bruun Kuijt) and De Reis om de Wereld in 80 Dagen (Jules Verne, Bruun Kuijt) 
  • De Citadel in Groningen (the Netherlands) – performance: Winterslaap (Heleen Verburg)
  • Alphons Born Producties – performance: Pipo de Clown (Wim Meuldijk, Joop Reynolds)
  • Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties – performance: Rex (Koen van Dijk)
  • Senf Theaterpartners – performance: Nijntje (Ivo de Wijs, Joop Stokkermans) 
  • Koop & Co – performances: Paolo de Zebratemmer 


Tours abroad in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and England.



As a director I direct the performance Das Innere des Äußeren by soprano Irene Kurka and double bass player Hans Eberhard Maldfeld, with compositions by Nicolaus Brass, Eva-Maria Houben and Antoine Beuger. The performance tours Germany.

television - film - spoken word



I cooperate as an actor in several television productions:


Kijk, Als Je Tekent Zie Je Meer (four episodes), School Television book programme (three episodes), Take-Off (one episode), Zeg Eens A (one episode), Bureau Kruislaan (three episodes), Zebra (NCRV one episode), Bananasplit (two episodes), Kruimeltje TV adaptation, National Entry of St Nicholas 1993 (subplot), Oppassen (eight episodes), Flodder (six episodes), Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden (12 episodes), Toen Was Geluk Nog Heel Gewoon (one episode), Unit 13 (three episodes).



I cooperate as an actor in several commercials:


Quick Fit, Ster Direct (first interactive commercial blocks: presenter), Tenco Beits, Zwolsche Algemeene, McDonald’s, Staatsloterij, Plus Supermarkt, Seiko, RVS, Beckers.



As an actor I cooperate in promotional and instruction films commissioned by:

Philips, Shell, C1000, A&O Supermarket, the Red Cross, Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency, Police Training Kosovo, Vroom & Dreesman, Bouwradius, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Welzijnswerk, Dutch Ministry of Defence, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BAM Woningbouw, Dutch Customs, Jellinek kliniek, Pharos, RadarVertige Agressiebox, Rijnland Zorggroep, Rvarium Academy, Laurentius Hospital Roermond, ’s Heeren Loo Zorggroep, ASR, Child Protection Amsterdam Region.


In 2013, I conduct the casting for a series of instruction films commissioned by the Youth Care Office of the Dutch Province of Noord-Holland.



Reader in recording of spoken literature and reading methods for publishing companies Interval and Bontekoe.



In feature films, I act in Bloody Mary by Evita Chryssolouris, in Flodder in Amerika, and I played the main character in the dvd-film Pipo en de Bosbas and the cinema film Pipo en de p-p-Parelridder

communication training



I am a much sought-after (senior) actor for practice simulations, interactive theatre performances and games in numberless seminars and communication training sessions for business, government and semi-government institutions in every imaginary sector, for instance for Cirque du Soleil Europe, Shell, AT Kearney, Microsoft, ABN Amro Bank, various ministries, and many others. I also work in English and in French.


In addition to direct commissions, I have been commissioned to work for: Actron, Impro, Bureau Veermans, KBC Optimising People, A en A Acteerservices, Acteurs in Bedrijf, Pentacompany, Crux, UnityOne, Bureau Wittenburg, Kapok, Ludens, Tribus Trainingen, Metafocus, LTP, AT Kearney Europe, Luniek, Dyass, ATKearney, Agathos, De Jong Training en Advies, Impact, ROC Twente, Institute for Psychological Trauma, Fonteyn Consultancy, Tornak Groep, RadarVertige, Hetsen en Visschers, Sirius Training en Advies, Action France et Belgique (OVD Group)



For the latter ten companies I also work as a communication trainer.

Additionally, I am a skills trainer and mentor at the Professional Training for Lawyers of The Netherlands Bar.




As a singer, keyboard player and accordionist I play in various bands and combinations in the Netherlands, France and England, and I tour Germany, England, Italy, Ireland, Denmark and France:


Rapalje, Trio Jongensroom, duo with András Vigh, Mohair Five, Rhythm Dictators.



As a composer and maker of audiotapes I regularly work for French theatre director Gilbert Rouvière and his company Zinc Théâtre.

In that capacity, I create the audio decor for plays by Molière, Shakespeare, Marivaux, Nelson Rodrigues, Serge Valletti, Daniel Lemahieu, and Oscar Panizza. In several performances, I participate as a musician.


I compose and play music in performances of Wiedus (Twee Patat Met, Ze Noemen Me Charlie en De Rode Bank by Louis Lemaire) and John van de Rest Theaterproducties (De Humorist by John Osborne).


I perform solo or with members of the German composer ensemble Wandelweiser as a speaker in voice compositions by:


John Cage (Empty Words, Lecture on Nothing, One 1 2, Music for – and Speech), Alvin Lucier (Sitting in a Room), Jürg Frey (Lovaty), Gottfried Wanner (Ich Nicht), Radu Malfatti (Rain Speaks Soft Tree Listens), Michael Pisaro (Untitled, Bread, The Oyster, The Crate, Moss and Rain), Antoine Beuger (Quite Still and Solitary, Aber die Spra-, Zeami (Pracht von Blüt), Kegonkyoyama, and Teishin Ryokan).

These latter three compositions I performed during a tour in the Netherlands and Germany in 2016 together with the Japanese Chitose Trio and - in Teishin Ryokan - also with Irene Kurka (soprano) and Sylvia Alexandra Schimag (speaker).

I performed Zeami (Pracht von Blüt) also together with the Chitose Trio and Butō dancer Sanae Kagaya.


Performances in Germany, Italy and Japan.